Posters is an ideal venue for researchers to share their theories and innovations with peers and collaborators. Fresh content generates discussion, feedback, and inspiration.

Below is a listing of the work presented at the SIGGRAPH 2020 Posters. To explore the content in detail, please review the program’s listing on the ACM Digital Library.

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Researchers, artists, academics, students, and practitioners that work with computer graphics and interactive techniques present Posters about interesting and innovative work with a clear hypothesis, demonstrative results from experimentation, and a concise corollary of findings. Accepted submitters present their work, receive feedback, find inspiration from others, and network with researchers and industry professionals at SIGGRAPH 2020.

Students who submitted to the Student Research Competition have the chance to win a prize, be recognized, and progress to the ACM Student Research Competition Grand Finals!

Ana Cecilia Balliache Liendo Posters Chair
Schell Games

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