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Tuesday, 15 September

Remote Demos in Real-Time

SIGGRAPH 2020 Real-Time Live! made history, streaming remote demos for the first time ever and dialing in contributing teams from around the world. Access the action and review this year’s exciting demos, winners, and contributors.

Tuesday, 18 August

Suit Up for SIGGRAPH 2020

SIGGRAPH 2020 is happening now! You can still secure your spot to join us virtually and experience the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques with researchers, artists, and technologists from around the world. Watch a welcome video from SIGGRAPH 2020 Conference Chair Kristy Pron for a preview of what to expect, and register now to join us today through 28 August.

Tuesday, 21 July

Go the Distance

Immersing the audience in an intimate and thought-provoking experience of state-sanctioned racism and broken memories, “The Book of Distance” seamlessly blends VR technology and the art of storytelling. Director Randall Okita and producer David Oppenheim take us behind the scenes and break down their process.

Tuesday, 16 June

Let’s Talk Trolls

From “Smooth Jazz Attacks” to underwater EDM, “Trolls World Tour” has something for every animator. Dig into the details behind the film’s colors, fabrics, and textures in an exclusive Q&A with Director Walt Dohrn, Co-director David P. Smith, and Visual Effects Supervisor Matt Baer.

Tuesday, 19 May

Data-Driven Details

Learn about the human impact on climate change from one of the most powerful storytellers of our generation: data. Emil Polyak, the man behind the message, explores the process for his SIGGRAPH 2020 Art Gallery selection, “Homeostasis,” including developing generative art, working with a multidimensional dataset, and more.

Tuesday, 21 April

Virtual Reality Remedy

Adapted from traditional mirror therapy for post-stroke patients, VR mirror therapy utilizes customizable environments and an unlimited number of therapeutic resources to help patients thrive. The team from UMBC behind the innovative research dishes on the potential impact for future users.

Tuesday, 24 March

Rendering Realism

From “napkin math” to material-driven geometry cache sampling, creating the groundbreaking fluid effects in Mortal Kombat 11, of the widely popular Mortal Kombat franchise, was no small feat. The artists and engineers behind the success discuss how the gaming advances came to fruition.

Tuesday, 18 February

Animation Inspiration

Now that awards season has passed, go behind the scenes of LAIKA’s Golden Globe-winning stop-motion film “Missing Link,” and Netflix’s Oscar-nominated film “I Lost My Body.” The teams share tips on bringing distance to reality, embracing CG technology, and more.

Wednesday, 22 January

Pixel Perfect

Want a glimpse into the future? Learn more about the direction of holographic display technology from the Sony Corporation research team. Hint: This up-and-coming tech might just make its way into your home smart devices.

Tuesday, 17 December

Unwrap the Magic of Tech

Creating your holiday shopping or wish list? Consider adding one (or more!) of these cool pieces of tech for all ages to your list. Bonus: These items were curated by the SIGGRAPH 2020 Committee, so we know you’ll love them.

Tuesday, 19 November

You’re Invited

Curious to know what’s in store for next year’s event? SIGGRAPH 2020 Conference Chair Kristy Pron shares her vision for the conference and how we’re equipping you to “think beyond” the familiar.

Tuesday, 15 October

Inside International VFX

Ever wonder what it’s like to work on an international VFX team? On the most recent episode of SIGGRAPH Spotlight, Chris Bedrosian (Blur Studio) discussed the challenges and successes of this type of collaboration.

Thursday, 26 September

Live @ SIGGRAPH 2019 with NASA

SIGGRAPH 2020 Conference Chair Kristy Pron sat down with four NASA Goddard Space Flight Center representatives to discuss NASA’s cinematic scientific visualization efforts and more. Listen to the whole conversation on the latest episode of SIGGRAPH Spotlight.

Adaptive technology allows folks of all different abilities to thrive. With many perspectives, experiences, applications, and inspirations intertwined with this cool tech, there’s no shortage of personal connections to its impact. We explore this in the latest episode of SIGGRAPH Spotlight.

We’re less than two weeks away from the most exciting week of the year—SIGGRAPH 2019! Is there a better way to kick off your conference countdown than to watch previews of all of this year’s incredible programs? We can’t think of one.

Tuesday, 18 June

For Your Eyes Only

Anxious to preview the Computer Animation Festival’s Electronic Theater screening? We are, too, so we’ve put together clips of what you can expect to see this summer at the Monday Night @ Live screening at Microsoft Theater at L.A. LIVE. Enjoy!

SIGGRAPH 2019 is approaching quickly, and that means it’s time for your annual sneak peek of the Technical Papers you’ll see this summer. Spoiler alert: We’re loving this year’s papers!

Tuesday, 16 April

Helping Others Using AR

Assistive technology has a home at SIGGRAPH, and the SIGGRAPH 2018 project “We AR Sight” is a shining example of adaptive technology’s impact on people who have visual and cognitive impairments.

On the latest episode of SIGGRAPH Spotlight, SIGGRAPH 2019 Conference Chair Mikki Rose (Blue Sky Studios) is joined by Jinko Gotoh (Women in Animation), Danielle Feinberg (Pixar Animation Studios), and Erin Summers (Facebook, wogrammer) to discuss the current state and future of women in computer graphics.