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Exhibit at SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH 2020 is going virtual. Reconnect with current customers and build relationships with a whole new base of potential customers.

The SIGGRAPH 2020 Exhibition has gone virtual. If you are a current exhibitor and have not received communication about how SIGGRAPH will be taking your physical booth into the virtual world, please contact us for additional details.

If you are not currently involved in SIGGRAPH 2020 but would like more information on how to become a virtual exhibitor, please reach out. We are developing sponsorship and exhibitor packages that will allow your organization to be a part of SIGGRAPH and reach this unique and special audience.




Please note: Some SIGGRAPH attendees and exhibitors may receive communications from companies wanting to sell what they claim is a SIGGRAPH attendee list. These companies have no affiliation with SIGGRAPH, nor do they have access to attendee data, and we cannot recommend purchasing a list from them. SIGGRAPH does not sell the email data of our attendees. If you receive an email from a company claiming to have the attendee list and would like to verify its authenticity, please contact us at For further information about how we use your data, please visit the ACM Privacy Policy.

Exhibit in the Garage
A Special Opportunity


The Garage provides space for innovative start-ups to show off their game-changing technologies. This is your chance to be seen, make connections, and sell at the premier conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

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New Opportunity

Recruit at SIGGRAPH 2020

SIGGRAPH 2020 will offer a 1-day Job Fair on Wednesday, 22 July for entry level recruitment opportunities. If you’re looking for a better way to recruit, SIGGRAPH 2020 is the perfect place for to connect with great candidates. The exhibition offers employers brand new ways to recruit as well, including private recruitment space opportunities.

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Take Part


Forge a genuine relationship with potential customers at Exhibitor Sessions. Demonstrate software, hardware, and systems to show exactly how your product or service can improve technical or professional performance.

You can review the 2019 sessions or contact us for more information on how to apply for 2020.

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SIGGRAPH attendee tests a VR headset in the Exhibit Hall.
Think SIGGRAPH & Go Beyond


SIGGRAPH 2020 is where your organization can intteract with more than 15,000 global innovators who are changing the face of computer graphics, VR, AI, animation, and emerging technologies. Find out how you can become an exhibitor.

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Our show floor is always an exciting experience – full of energy and eager minds. Visualize what we have in store for you.

SIGGRAPH attendee animating a character on a computer screen.
Three SIGGRAPH attendees in conversation at the Google Cloud exhibit booth.
Smiling SIGGRAPH exhibitors standing behind the table at their booth.
Red, green, yellow, and blue game controllers sitting on a counter top.
Two SIGGRAPH attendees collaborating in front of a desktop computer.
Two SIGGRAPH attendees on camera in a green room.
SIGGRAPH attendee smiles through a bubble-like structure in front of a bright blue background.
SIGGRAPH exhibitor works on a laptop.