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Virtual Siggraph 2020: Wrap Up

Ricky Grove, Renderosity Magazine, 2020-09-14


SIGGRAPH: the show returns to Los Angeles in 2021

Jose Antunes, ProVideo Coalition, 2020-09-12


Latent graph neural networks: Manifold learning 2.0?

Michael Bronstein, towards data science / Medium, 2020-09-10


Baobab Studios’ Baba Yaga: a folktale with an all-female cast

Jose Antunes, ProVideo Coalition, 2020-09-10


DeepFaceDrawing AI turns a sketch into realistic human face image

Ruchika Saini, GraphicSpeak, 2020-09-10


SIGGRAPH 2020: I hope a virtual conference is here to stay

Sergio Rosa, Renderosity Magazine, 2020-09-10

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