SIGGRAPH 2020 Committee

SIGGRAPH 2020 Conference Chair

Kristy Pron

Walt Disney Imagineering
ACM SIGGRAPH Frontiers Chair

Mk Haley

Walt Disney Imagineering
Adaptability Focus Area Co-Chair

Christine Holmes

Blue Sky Studios
Adaptability Focus Area Co-Chair

Natalie Rountree

Art Gallery Chair

Nik Apostolides

Johns Hopkins University
Art Papers Chair

Andres Burbano

Universidad de los Andes
Attendee Experience Manager

Corinne Price

Courses Chair

Susan Reiser

UNC Asheville & Vassar College
Creative Development Director

Larry Bafia

Centre for Digital Media
Electronic Theater Director

Munkhtsetseg Nandigjav

Savannah College of Art and Design
Education Liaison

Andrew Duchowski

Clemson University
Emerging Technologies Chair

Dani Belko

Games Focus Area Chair

Carlos Gonzalez-Ochoa

General Submissions Chair

Ginger Alford

SMU Lyle School of Engineering
GraphicsNet Chair

David Spoelstra

MediaMachine LLC
Immersive Pavilion Chair

Chris Redmann

Unity Technologies
International Resources Chair

June Kim

University of New South Wales
Posters Chair

Ana Cecilia Balliache Liendo

Schell Games
Production Sessions Chair

Derrick Nau

DreamWorks Animation
Real-Time Live! Chair

Marc Olano

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
SIGGRAPH Executive Experience Co-Chair

Thierry Frey

Reel FX Animation Studios
SIGGRAPH Executive Experience Co-Chair

JoAnne Green

University of Pittsburgh
SIGGRAPH Labs Co-Chair

Erik Brunvand

University of Utah
SIGGRAPH Labs Co-Chair

Forrest Lucas

Two Bit Circus
Student Volunteers Chair

Sarah Rust

Rooster Teeth
Technical Papers Chair

Szymon Rusinkiewicz

Princeton University
VR Theater Director

Monica Cappiello

Cogswell Polytechnical College
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SIGGRAPH 2021 Conference Chair

Pol Jeremias-Vila

Pixar Animation Studios