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Art Gallery

The SIGGRAPH Art Gallery offers a space for creative contemplation. In light of shifting ecological, political, social, and global-relations climates, artists examine the present and consider the question, “What can we do?”

Program Content

In the SIGGRAPH 2020 Art Gallery, attendees will revel in the experience of an interactive exhibition. Re-investigate this public art collection through the lens of new media that creates learning through ingenuity and exploration.

Art Gallery video presentation will be available on-demand beginning the week of 17-23 August. This allows registered attendees to watch presentations at their own pace, and formulate questions and discussion topics to be addressed during Q&A sessions, which are scheduled from 24-28 August.

On-demand content will continue to be available for viewing through 27 October.


LeonardoEach year Leonardo journal publishes groundbreaking artists exploring the outer limits of emerging technologies presented with SIGGRAPH Art Papers and Art Gallery. Leonardo/ISAST is a global think tank that integrates transdisciplinary inquiry and creative practice to solve compelling problems, explore timeless mysteries, and shape a more excellent future.

Nik Apostolides Art Gallery Chair
Johns Hopkins University

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