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SIGGRAPH is one of the world’s largest conferences for computer graphics and interactive techniques professionals – including researchers, artists, technologists and practitioners – and welcomes members of the press to participate in the virtual experience.

For the Press

SIGGRAPH 2020 welcomes the media to participate in the virtual experience. Those requesting media registration must be active contributors to/employed by a publication, news organization, or digital news outlet and must complete our press credentialing process.


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Logo Guidelines

SIGGRAPH 2020 invites the media and our partners to use our logo files. Materials must be used in compliance with ACM SIGGRAPH’s logo use policy and the conference’s brand guidelines.

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SIGGRAPH 2020 Media Partners

SIGGRAPH gratefully acknowledges the support and collaboration of our 2020 Media Partners. For more information on becoming a Media Partner, contact our media office.


Interested in who will be covering this year’s event? SIGGRAPH provides the names of the media outlets that will be attending the conference. Contact our media office to inquire.


Photography and Recording Policy
It is important to recognize that many of the words, images, sounds, objects, and technologies presented at SIGGRAPH are protected by copyrights or patents. They are owned by the people who created them. Please respect their intellectual-property rights by refraining from making recordings from your device or taking screen shots. If you are interested in photo/video content from a session for a story, please reach out to Proceedings will be made available after the event on the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital library. This policy applies to all content presented at SIGGRAPH 2020.