Thanks for joining us for SIGGRAPH 2020. Will we see you at SIGGRAPH 2021?

Creative Development

Are you creative and interested in enhancing the SIGGRAPH conference experience for attendees? Then we want you for the SIGGRAPH 2020 Creative Development team!

The SIGGRAPH conference has always provided unique experiences, as well as learning and networking opportunities. At the world’s largest forum for the state of computer graphics, the 2020 Creative Development Team is a hub of information, imagery, and messaging that will provide new and returning attendees a preview of the conference features leading up to commencement as well as graphics, video, and exhibition support during the Conference. Creative Development will strive to capture the spirit of SIGGRAPH 2020 in prepared media and content generated during the virtual conference.

The Creative Development Team is committed to maintaining a consistency in branding by supporting the conference programs with graphics and media production.

Larry Bafia Creative Development Chair
Centre for Digital Media