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The Production Sessions program is looking for production stories from visual effects, animation, and beyond to demonstrate the state of the art of computer graphics. These sessions should appeal to a broad SIGGRAPH audience by presenting a macro view of a project that simultaneously educates and excites. Production Sessions are consistently one of the most engaging and inspirational ways for studios of all sizes to showcase their best work.

The SIGGRAPH 2020 conference theme is “Think Beyond.” Please take a moment to review this message from our conference chair, Kristy Pron, regarding her vision for the conference. For Production Sessions, thinking beyond can mean discussing other overlooked topics and under appreciated aspects of production. This theme gives us a chance to not only highlight accomplishments but also reveal the challenges, dead ends, and pathways to success.

SIGGRAPH 2020 builds on the progress of the prior conferences with the inclusion of the Production Gallery, which supplements and underscores Production Sessions through an exhibition of authentic production artifacts, development materials, costumes and more. see Additional Opportunities tab below for greater detail.

New for SIGGRAPH 2020

SIGGRAPH Production Sessions has updated our methods for evaluation. For more information, please review the Evaluation tab below.

The ACM Digital Rights Management form, commonly known as the “permissions form,” is due upon submission, not upon acceptance. Please carefully review the ACM Rights Management Form tab below.

How To Submit

Submissions are due by 22:00 UTC/GMT, 11 February 2020.

Production Sessions can cover a broad range of topics. We aim to design sessions that provide high-level, behind-the-scenes discussion describing the methods of production for a project.

Consider some of these topics: a retrospective discussion, challenges in techniques and pipeline, client and cross studio interaction, or a significant milestone/project for the company. Please note, for SIGGRAPH 2020, the Production Sessions jury is interested in submissions that describe difficulties as well as celebrate successes. We believe the community can only benefit from candid discussion regarding what went wrong and how it was solved. This kind of discussion shows the true character of a production and provides an honest look at the state of the industry.

Submission Details
Log into the submission portal, select “Make a New Submission” tab, and select the Production Session form from the list. For more information, view the Sample Submission Form.

You will be asked to provide:

Production Session Description
A good description serves as an overview of your submission, provides background information, and highlights what your proposed speakers may share. When preparing your session description, consider including information relating to the what, why, and how of your project.

We understand that some session details are sensitive, based on the late-breaking content you hope to share at SIGGRAPH 2020. If this is the case, please make special note and contact Derrick Nau, Production Sessions Chair.

Panelist Information
Please submit the appropriate professional information about your proposed speaker list. We suggest no fewer than two and no more than seven panelists, with five speakers being the optimal panel size.

A Representative Image
Please include an image that illustrates the nature of your project. It is recommended that the ratio of these be 3 x 2 in landscape and at least 1,500 x 1,000 pixel resolution. If accepted, this image will be used for various public-facing promotional materials if accepted.

Supplementary Materials
Optional – a short demo reel, additional images, or other pertinent materials that may augment your submission.

Additional Opportunities

Production Gallery
The Production Gallery is an exhibition highlighting the artists, processes, and physical materials integral to the production of the industry-leading content shown during SIGGRAPH Production Sessions. Past galleries exhibited costumes, props, maquettes, development materials, art, and more. The gallery is a favorite among SIGGRAPH attendees and is a great opportunity for fans to take a look behind the scenes at physical artifacts from their favorite sessions. Here are some highlights of previous years’ galleries.

Live Demonstrations + Meet and Greets
Since 2017, we have featured live painting demonstrations, meet and greets, signings, and other special events in the Production Gallery at SIGGRAPH. These moments are a wonderful opportunity for our attendees to interface with industry leaders and icons. Please consider any interesting persons who may be available for special events.

We would love to see directors, directors of photography, creative executives or actors. Artistic demonstrations, intimate chats, and signings are a real treat for our community. If we can dream it, let’s make it happen.

SIGGRAPH Now Presentations
Another presentation format for you to consider is the SIGGRAPH Now video series. These video talks are TEDx-meets-SIGGRAPH a much shorter format running approximately 15-30 minutes and intended for broader online release throughout the year. These presentations are recorded in our main presentation room on Friday, 24 July after the conference.

SIGGRAPH Now recorded presentations are flexible. Your speaker can rehearse, perform multiple takes, and get feedback as there is not a live audience. SIGGRAPH will edit the recorded presentation and send to you for approvals before it’s released. Our marketing team will work with you to find a release timing that suits your needs. Here are two excellent examples of SIGGRAPH Now presentations by Weta Digital and Pixar.


A diverse panel of carefully selected high-level professionals privately review content submitted to Production Sessions. Jurors are asked to evaluate your submission using five criteria: quality of VFX/computer graphics, quality of production, interest, novelty, and diversity.

SIGGRAPH staff and jurors treat your submission with absolute discretion.

Quality of VFX/Computer Graphics
How exceptional are the ideas, aesthetics, etc., presented in this submission? This is how we rate the visual quality of the project.

Quality of Production
How well do the computer graphics integrate with the project? Do they add to or detract from the viewing experience? What is the overall quality of the production?

What is the likelihood of interest for conference attendees? Will they want to see this? Will it inspire them? This is partly a measure of how broad the potential audience is.

How fresh is this work? Is it a new, groundbreaking technique, a new approach to an old problem, or is it an existing method with a slightly new twist?

Is there increased diversity, equity, or inclusion in terms of content and panelists.

Upon Acceptance

Results of your submission will be announced at the end of April 2020.

Accepted works may be scheduled at any time during conference week (19-23 July 2020). Panelists are expected to be able to present when scheduled. Mandatory technical rehearsals also will be scheduled. After acceptance, “stage two” in the SIGGRAPH submission portal will allow you to update information about your session and upload any final materials for inclusion on the website.

Registration and travel costs to attend SIGGRAPH 2020 are at your own expense; however, each accepted Production Session receives recognition as specified in the SIGGRAPH 2020 Recognition Policy.


22:00 UTC/GMT, 11 February 2020
Submission deadline.

End of April 2020
Acceptance notifications are sent.

5 May 2020
Deadline to make any changes to materials (i.e., approved title changes, presenter names, descriptions) for publication on the website.

19-23 July 2020
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington, D.C.

ACM Rights Management Form

Permission upon submission: The permissions (also known as the ACM Rights Management) form required to show your sensitive content at SIGGRAPH is always a challenge. For SIGGRAPH 2020 we have implemented a system of permission upon submission to streamline this process. In other words, your submission to the Linklings portal will not be considered complete until you or your team has returned the permissions form to ACM, SIGGRAPH’s parent organization.

In addition to granting permission for your content to be shown at the SIGGRAPH conference, the form gives you, as the submitter, the option to grant or deny ACM permission to do the following:

  • Record your Production Session presentation.
  • Live-stream your Production Session presentation during the conference.
  • Distribute the recording of your Production Session presentation after the conference.

If you have questions about any of these options, please contact Stephen Spencer, ACM SIGGRAPH Publications Committee Chair.

The form also asks for permission to use your submission’s representative image(s), video, and text for conference promotions. If accepted to the Production Sessions program, the SIGGRAPH marketing team will pull the images and text directly from stage two of your Linklings submission form.