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Technical Paper: Technical Papers On Demand
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A Scalable Approach to Control Diverse Behaviors for Physically Simulated Characters
Accurate Face Rig Approximation With Deep Differential Subspace Reconstruction
An Implicit Compressible SPH Solver for Snow Simulation
AnisoMPM: Animating Anisotropic Damage Mechanics
Automatic Structure Synthesis for 3D Woven Relief
C-Space Tunnel Discovery for Puzzle Path Planning
DeepFaceDrawing: Deep Generation of Face Images From Sketches
Fabrication-in-the-Loop Co-Optimization of Surfaces and Styli for Drawing Haptics
Fast and Deep Facial Deformations
Fast and Scalable Turbulent Flow Simulation With Two-way Coupling
Fast Tetrahedral Meshing in the Wild
HeadBlaster: A Wearable Approach to Simulating Motion Perception Using Head-mounted Air-propulsion Jets
Inter-surface Maps via Constant-curvature Metrics
Interferometric Transmission Probing with Coded Mutual Intensity
Langevin Monte Carlo Rendering With Gradient-based Adaptation
Massively Parallel Rendering of Complex Closed-form Implicit Surfaces
CNNs on Surfaces Using Rotation-equivariant Features
Nonlinear Color Triads for Approximation, Learning, and Direct Manipulation of Color Distributions
Path-space Differentiable Rendering
On Elastic Geodesic Grids and Their Planar to Spatial Deployment
Quad-mesh Based Isometric Mappings and Developable Surfaces
RigNet: Neural Rigging for Articulated Characters
Robust Eulerian-on-Lagrangian Rods
Robust Fitting of Parallax-aware Mixtures for Path Guiding
Single Image HDR Reconstruction Using a CNN With Masked Features and Perceptual Loss
Spatiotemporal Reservoir Resampling for Real-time Ray Tracing With Dynamic Direct Lighting
Tactile Rendering Based on Skin Stress Optimization
The Eyes Have It: An Integrated Eye and Face Model for Photorealistic Facial Animation
TilinGNN: Learning to Tile With Self-supervised Graph Neural Network
Wave Curves: Simulating Lagrangian Water Waves on Dynamically Deforming Surfaces
Robust Motion In-betweening
Cut-enhanced Polycube-maps for Feature-aware All-Hex Meshing
PolyFit: Perception-aligned Vectorization of Raster Clip-art via Intermediate Polygonal Fitting
Efficient Bijective Parameterizations
Error-bounded Compatible Remeshing
Continuous Multiple Importance Sampling
The Leopard Never Changes Its Spots: Realistic Pigmentation Pattern Formation by Coupling Tissue Growth With Reaction-diffusion
Local Motion Phases for Learning Multi-Contact Character Movements
A Low-parametric Rhombic Microstructure Family for Irregular Lattices
RoboCut: Hot-wire Cutting With Robot-controlled Flexible Rods
High Resolution Etendue Expansion for Holographic Displays
Point2Mesh: A Self-prior for Deformable Meshes
Code Replicability in Computer Graphics
A Perceptual Model of Motion Quality for Rendering With Adaptive Refresh-rate and Resolution
Homogenized Yarn-level Cloth
Fast and Flexible Multilegged Locomotion Using Learned Centroidal Dynamics
Holographic Optics for Thin and Lightweight Virtual Reality
Interactive Video Stylization Using Few-shot Patch-based Training
MEgATrack: Monochrome Egocentric Articulated Hand-Tracking for Virtual Reality
Computational Design of Skintight Clothing
Consistent Video Depth Estimation
Developability of Heightfields via Rank Minimization
Variance-aware Path Guiding
A Massively Parallel and Scalable Multi-GPU Material Point Method
Neural Subdivision
Adaptive Merging for Rigid Body Simulation
One Shot 3D Photography
Vid2Curve: Simultaneous Camera Motion Estimation and Thin Structure Reconstruction from an RGB Video
Attribute2Font: Creating Fonts You Want From Attributes
Constraint Bubbles and Affine Regions: Reduced Fluid Models for Efficient Immersed Bubbles and Flexible Spatial Coarsening
Unsupervised K-modal Styled Content Generation
Compositional Neural Scene Representations for Shading Inference
Specular Manifold Sampling for Rendering High-frequency Caustics and Glints
Human-in-the-loop Differential Subspace Search in High-dimensional Latent Space
Penrose: From Mathematical Notation to Beautiful Diagrams
Neural Supersampling for Real-time Rendering
ARAnimator: In-situ Character Animation in Mobile AR With User-defined Motion Gestures
A Model for Soap Film Dynamics With Evolving Thickness
Radiative Backpropagation: An Adjoint Method for Lightning-Fast Differentiable Rendering
Informative Scene Decomposition for Crowd Analysis, Comparison, and Simulation Guidance
Simple and Scalable Frictional Contacts for Thin Nodal Objects
IQ-MPM: An Interface Quadrature Material Point Method for Non-sticky Strongly Two-way Coupled Nonlinear Solids and Fluids
MichiGAN: Multi-Input-Conditioned Hair Image Generation for Portrait Editing
Sliced Optimal Transport Sampling
Learned Motion Matching
Projective Dynamics With Dry Frictional Contact
Polar Stroking: New Theory and Methods for Stroking Paths
Learning Temporal Coherence via Self-supervision for GAN-based Video Generation
Catch & Carry: Reusable Neural Controllers for Vision-guided Whole-body Tasks
Loopy Cuts: Practical Feature-preserving Block Decomposition for Strongly Hex-dominant Meshing
Lagrangian Neural Style Transfer for Fluids
Directional Sources and Listeners in Interactive Sound Propagation Using Reciprocal Wave Field Coding
Variable-width Contouring for Additive Manufacturing
Data-driven Extraction and Composition of Secondary Dynamics in Facial Performance Capture
Principal Symmetric Meshes
ENIGMA: Evolutionary Non-isometric Geometry Matching
A Level-set Method for Magnetic Substance Simulation
Analytic Spherical Harmonic Gradients for Real-time Rendering With Many Polygonal Area Lights
Bézier Guarding: Precise Higher-Order Meshing of Curved 2D Domains
Phong Deformation: A Better CO Interpolant for Embedded Deformation
Chemomechanical Simulation of Soap Film Flow on Spherical Bubbles
CARL: Controllable Agent With Reinforcement Learning for Quadruped Locomotion
Codimensional Surface Tension Flow Using Moving-least-squares Particles
XNect: Real-time Multi-person 3D Motion Capture With a Single RGB Camera
Example-driven Virtual Cinematography by Learning Camera Behaviors
Exact and Efficient Polyhedral Envelope Containment Predicate
The Design and Evolution of the UberBake Light Baking System
Exertion-aware Path Generation
Converting Stroked Primitives to Filled Primitives
Graph2Plan: Learning Floorplan Generation From Layout Graphs
Portrait Shadow Manipulation
A Practical Octree Liquid Simulator With Adaptive Surface Resolution
Discrete Differential Operators on Polygonal Meshes
Quanta Burst Photography
Unpaired Motion Style Transfer From Video to Animation
Deep Geometric Texture Synthesis
GS-PAT: High-speed Multi-point Sound-fields for Phased Arrays of Transducers
Sequential Gallery for Interactive Visual Design Optimization
MGCN: Descriptor Learning Using Multiscale GCNs
Image-based Acquisition and Modeling of Polarimetric Reflectance
Tactile Line Drawings for Improved Shape Understanding in Blind and Visually Impaired Users
Towards Occlusion-aware Multifocal Displays
Computational Image Marking on Metals via Laser Induced Heating
Character Controllers Using Motion VAEs
Monte Carlo Geometry Processing: A Grid-Free Approach to PDE-Based Methods on Volumetric Domains
Uncertainty Quantification for Multi-scan Registration
Single-shot High-quality Facial Geometry and Skin Appearance Capture
Incremental Potential Contact: Intersection- and Inversion-free, Large-deformation Dynamics
Skeleton-Aware Networks for Deep Motion Retargeting
Lifting Simplices to Find Injectivity
Immersive Light Field Video With a Layered Mesh Representation
N-Dimensional Rigid Body Dynamics
NASOQ: Numerically Accurate Sparsity-Oriented QP Solver
Enlighten Me: Importance of Brightness and Shadow for Character Emotion and Appeal
Adaptive Incident Radiance Field Sampling and Reconstruction Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Seamless Parametrization With Arbitrary Cones for Arbitrary Genus
End-to-end Learned, Optically Coded Super-resolution SPAD Camera
Dynamic Graph CNN for Learning on Point Clouds
Local Fourier Slice Photography
VoroCrust: Voronoi Meshing Without Clipping
Resampling-aware Weighting Functions for Bidirectional Path Tracing Using Multiple Light Sub-paths
Computational Parquetry: Fabricated Style Transfer With Wood Pixels
Complete Classification and Efficient Determination of Arrangements Formed by Two Ellipsoids
Colored Fused Filament Fabrication
KRISM – Krylov Subspace-based Optical Computing of Hyperspectral Images
Real-time Image Smoothing via Iterative Least Squares
Reinforcement of General Shell Structures
Noise-resilient Reconstruction of Panoramas and 3D Scenes Using Robot-mounted Unsynchronized Commodity RGB-D Cameras
A System for Efficient 3D Printed Stop-motion Face Animation
A Class of C2 Interpolating Splines
Enhanced Interactive 360° Viewing via Automatic Guidance
Inverse Procedural Modeling of Branching Structures by Inferring L-Systems
Capturing Subjective First-Person View Shots With Drones for Automated Cinematography
Kinetic Shape Reconstruction
Gaze-Contingent Ocular Parallax Rendering for Virtual Reality
A Smoothness Energy Without Boundary Distortion for Curved Surfaces
Hierarchical Optimization Time Integration for CFL-rate MPM Stepping
Accurate Rendering of Liquid-crystals and Inhomogeneous Optically Anisotropic Media
Delayed Rejection Metropolis Light Transport
Medial Elastics: Efficient and Collision-ready Deformation via Medial Axis Transform
Octahedral Frames for Feature-Aligned Cross-Fields
Generating Digital Painting Lighting Effects via RGB-space Geometry
Algebraic Representations for Volumetric Frame Fields
Subdivision Directional Fields
Non-line-of-sight Reconstruction Using Efficient Transient Rendering
Model Predictive Control With a Visuomotor System for Physics-based Character Animation
Microfacet BSDFs Generated From NDFs, Using Explicit Microgeometry
Deep Generative Modeling for Scene Synthesis via Hybrid Representations
Manipulating Attributes of Natural Scenes via Hallucination
A Luminance-aware Model of Judder Perception
DeepMag: Source Specific Motion Magnification Using Gradient Ascent
Corner-Operated Tran-Similar (COTS) Maps, Patterns, and Lattices
Example-based Microstructure Rendering With Constant Storage