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Andrew Dickerson
Senior Director of Software Engineering
Samsung Electronics America
Content & Services - SamsungVR Team

Andrew Dickerson is Senior Director of Software Engineering on the SamsungXR team at Samsung Electronics America - Content & Services team in Plano, Texas.

Andrew was the first software engineer on GearVR, and created SamsungVR Videos ( a.k.a. MilkVR ) Samsung's 360 degree video service. His team prototyped Samsung's Gear360 camera, and have run some of the largest, in VR, 360 video professional live streams to date with Samsung's 360 Round camera. Having helped create the current 3 degree of freedom generation of mobile VR, and the next generation of 6 degree of freedom AR/VR...Andrew's team has been building SamsungXR Capture Studios ( Samsung's volumetric video rigs ). Andrew believes volumetric video is the format of our AR/VR/XR future.

Andrew has more than a decade of experience at Samsung and two decades at Fortune 500 companies writing graphical user interfaces for some of the most visibile applications on mobile devices. His team has written the Samsung Touchwiz Launcher, Samsung SmartSwitch, and Samsung MediaHub that have run on hundreds of millions of devices.
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