Moderator and Contributor Training FAQ

Review frequently asked questions for SIGGRAPH 2020 session moderators.


Q: I just finished the moderator training session on Zoom. How do I get a password to login to the virtual conference platform (Hubb)?

A: You should be receiving an email invitation from a SIGGRAPH related email address to register on the virtual conference platform soon, before 17 August. You will receive an additional email regarding specific session information from a SIGGRAPH related email address by 18 August.

Q: Can we make direct contact with the speaker/contributor beforehand to introduce ourselves as the moderate and pre-planning coordination?

A: Yes, feel free to reach out and introduce yourself as the session moderator beforehand.

Q: If they are a contributor who is not actively participating in the Q&A session as a speaker, should they access the session as a regular attendee?

A: Yes, this will be communicated to speakers/contributors in advance.

Q: Are the speakers being given Q&A training (even if just in textual form) as well? Things about turning microphones on/off etc.

A: Speakers will be provided with Speaker Preparation resources that include various resources and link to review for their presentation.

Q: Are contributors/speakers aware that the chat function is available as of 17 August?

A: Yes, messaging will be sent to speakers to inform them that the chat function will be live for questions beginning the 17 August, and encourages them to look at chat during the first week.

During the Session

Q: Can contributors/speakers share their screen during the Q&A? Say, if they’d like to bring up a slide from their talk.

A: We’re asking they resist doing this because it distracts from conversation, the idea is to keep the session conversation focused. If they insist please send an email to to get confirmation.

Q: Will Zoom chat be enabled during the Q&A?

A: The zoom chat will be enabled for attendees during the Q&A session. Up to 15 minutes before the session, the chat function in the conference platform will be enabled for attendees to type in questions. We are encouraging attendees to use the chat function in with conference platform before so the moderator can prepare for the Q&A. However, you are not expected to have to monitor both the virtual conference platform and Zoom chat during the live Q&A session.

The chat functionality will be turned off on the evening of 28 August. You will still be able to review the conversation within the chat window after that date but attendees and contributors will no longer be able to enter new comments after 28 August.

Q: Is the chat recorded?

A: No transcription will be available from the Q&A chat in Zoom. If SIGGRAPH has permission to record the session attendees will be able to revisit the questions asked during the Q&A in video format.

Q: What if there is an internet interruption, is there a phone number we can call in that case to give a heads up?

A: During days of event, M/T next week, and M-F on the live week on actual platform, there will be a blue bar that says live support. That’s where we want people to go for any technical or virtual issues. Additionally, there will be someone from the virtual conference platform present at all Q&A sessions.

Q: Will the session begin even if not all of the speakers/contributors are present?

A: Yes. The zoom line will begin at the exact time the session is scheduled to start. However, this is a task for the program chairs to manage. But yes, if a speaker is not there on time, then the session will still proceed.

Q: If the virtual conference platform team is managing the zoom, what will they be responsible for, view, mute or unmute for our controls?

A: You can control view and mute functions for yourself, and will not have to worry about managing the zoom controls itself.

Q: If there is a “problem” attendee spamming the chat, does the moderator have the power to eject them?

A: The moderator doesn’t have to worry about kicking people out of Zoom. That is a role that the program chair can play or the virtual conference platform support team can play.

Q: How many questions per submission?

A: The moderator should be directing the questions based on what the gathered in preparation (ideally, this would be 2 questions per contributor). It’s also a goal to let the conversation unfold more organically.

Q: Will authors also be responding to attendee questions on the virtual conference platform chat before the session? If the authors have already answered a certain question on virtual conference platform, should we avoid asking that question in the live Q&A?

A: Yes, they will have the opportunity to do so. If a quick response is sufficient, then yes. However, any extensive conversation should be reserved for the Q&A.

Q: Do we introduce ourselves? If so, how long should they be?

A: Yes. Ideally, intros should take two minutes or less.

Q: Do these sessions not include a group viewing of the content? It’s just Q&A?:

A: Correct. The on-demand session is available in the week prior for viewing. The session is just for Q&A.

Q: Can we verify the allotted time available after the end of my panel session so I can spill over Q&A if necessary?

A: We’re highly encouraging moderators to wrap-up the session before the 30-minute mark. While the virtual conference platform won’t abruptly end the session exactly at the 30-minute mark, we ask that you go no more than a minute or two after the session. Keep in mind that attendees will want to move over to another session at that 30-minute mark, so adhering to the scheduled start and end times are important.

Q: Can I keep my link open all day and see other sessions?

A:  No, every Q&A has a unique link that can’t be reused. And every session requires you to re-enter.

Q:  Should the SIGGRAPH 2020 virtual background be used by contributors?

A:  It is up to the contributor if they want to use the SIGGRAPH 2020 virtual background, but it might be a nice way for the moderator to stand out from the panelists.

Q: Will Zoom show us how many people (attendees) are watching?

A: Yes, in the top right corner of the Zoom window you can see the number of participants.

Q: Can more than one author/contributor show up for each session?

A: Yes. There may be some sessions with multiple contributors, and others will only have one.

Q: Will attendees have audio or only “us” with the special Zoom link?

A: No, attendees will not have audio during the sessions.

Q:  Will the questions for the different submission in the session be grouped and ordered, or can we have questions in mixed order?

A: The ordering if up to you. We typically recommend making sure there is equal engagement and number of questions for each contributor/submission, but the order of questions is subject to the moderator’s discretion.

Q: For a live session, if I were to post a Zoom meeting URL of my own, is that OK to do?

A: Yes, it is OK to provide another Zoom link to continue the conversation after the panel session. However, we recommend providing a unique one-time link whenever it is being provided in the public chat window for security and privacy purposes.