Thanks for joining us for SIGGRAPH 2020. Will we see you at SIGGRAPH 2021?

Exhibit in the Garage

The Garage provides space for start-ups and other small companies to show off their game-changing technologies. This is your chance to be seen, make connections, and sell at the premier conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

A Special Opportunity

Amazon, Apple, HP, Disney and Google all started in their founder’s garage. Now it’s your turn to be a part of history and exhibit in the SIGGRAPH Garage. Start-ups are encouraged to apply for the Garage and get their cutting-edge technology in front of the luminaries and venture capitalists that roam the exhibit halls at SIGGRAPH.

Space in the Garage is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Each application will be reviewed to insure that all qualifications are met.

Qualification Criteria Considered

  • Age of company less than 3 years
  • Number of employees
  • Product market status (pre-launch, pilot, etc.)
  • Product range to be represented
  • Confirmation of working prototype, demo, or visual presentation

What’s Included

  • One draped table
  • Two chairs
  • One 500 watt electrical outlet
  • Wireless for demonstration purposes
  • One 22″ x 28″ sign presenting your company logo
  • Listing on the interactive floor plan and exhibitor list
  • Four exhibitor badges
  • Opportunity to purchase the SIGGRAPH attendee list



For more information please contact us at or +1.630.434.7779