An important update about SIGGRAPH 2020.

Real-Time Live!

Real-Time Live! celebrates the top original, jury-reviewed interactive projects of the year. Enjoy the excitement of a live event where you’ll get an electrifying sample of what’s new in real-time.

Real-Time Live! is an exciting evening showcasing the hottest new, real-time project demos of the year. Whether you are showing off the latest game technology or your real-time scientific visualization; revealing some amazing new motion capture technology or your augmented reality app; or demonstrating a military simulation or your latest research results, Real-Time Live! is the place to put your best six minutes forward and vie for your chance to be named the best new real-time demo of 2020!

Real-Time Live! is open to all types of technology demos, as long as they are real-time, exciting, and most of all, live!

Marc Olano University of Maryland, Baltimore County