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Immersive Pavilion

Immersive technologies are changing the ways we create, play, learn, communicate, and interact. Experience first-hand the latest and greatest advances in VR, AR, and MR at SIGGRAPH.

Program Content

The SIGGRAPH 2020 Immersive Pavilion strives to showcase the bleeding edge of augmented, virtual, and mixed realities. As the current wave of technology matures, the Immersive program looks towards groundbreaking uses of the medium. The Immersive Pavilion embraces shared experiences and look toward new methods of artistic expression, technical innovation, and novel interaction.

BEST IN SHOW – Immersive Experience
DeepView Immersive Light Field Video
Contributors: Michael Broxton, Daniel Erickson, Jason Dourgarian, Jay Busch, Matthew DuVall, Matt Whalen, John Flynn, Ryan Overbeck, Peter Hedman, and Paul Debevec

Chris Redmann Immersive Pavilion Chair
Unity Technologies

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