Registration for the SIGGRAPH 2020 virtual conference is now open!


Up to 12 candidates share three-minute oral presentations of innovative ideas live at a special session at SIGGRAPH 2020.

Submissions Details


ACM SIGGRAPH is holding its third annual Thesis Fast Forward program at SIGGRAPH 2020 to provide more young presenters with a platform for sharing innovative ideas and gaining valuable exposure.

The central element of the submission will be a three-minute video presentation by the candidate and an abstract, explaining the central theme of their thesis. The intent is to make the presentation accessible to a non-expert audience, representative of the typical cross-section of SIGGRAPH conference attendees.

Based on the video submissions and, as a secondary criterion on the provided abstracts, a jury will select up to 12 candidates who will be asked to perform three-minute oral presentations live at a special session at SIGGRAPH 2020. A panel of experts will provide immediate commentary after each live presentation and select a best performance. The live presentations will be judged solely on the content of the live three-minute presentation.

The core component of the submission is a 3 minutes video presentation. In this video, the applicants should summarize the key components of their thesis, its merit and potential impact. The video presentation should be picture-in-picture format where the presenter must be visibly narrating. The submission video should be provided via a web link (a link to a video on media sharing website such as YouTube is recommended to avoid encoding issues, but a direct URL to a video file is also acceptable).


The material to be submitted on the Easy Chair Website should be a single PDF file, with the following contents:

  • A cover page, listing the applicant’s name, affiliation, tentative or final dissertation title, and the actual (in the past) or future anticipated date of Ph.D. degree conferral. This date should be no earlier than 1 September 2019, and no later than 31 August 2021.

The cover page should also list the link to the video submission itself.

  • An optional extended abstract in SIGGRAPH format of up to two pages that provides additional context or technical details on the applicant’s dissertation may also be included. An applicant will not be disqualified from selection if an extended abstract is not provided. The video submission is the primary basis on which the selection will be made.

COVID-19 Update: Concerns about the health and safety of conference participants as well as recent news that the Walter E. Washington Convention Center has been designated a future alternate care site during the COVID-19 pandemic make it impossible to host SIGGRAPH 2020 in Washington, D.C. as planned. With this development, we have decided to move to a virtual conference format. Details on this new virtual experience are in the works and we are confident that we will deliver a strong conference that celebrates this year’s advancements and achievements in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Rest assured, if your work is accepted and you are a registered contributor, you will have the opportunity to share your work.

Thesis Fast Forward Committee

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Eftychios Sifakis University of Wisconsin-Madison
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M. Alex. O. Vasilescu University of California, Los Angeles