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Art Papers

The SIGGRAPH Art Papers program brings together communities of researchers and practitioners working at the intersections of art, design, humanities, science, and technology.

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The vision of the Art Papers program at SIGGRAPH 2020 is built upon the interconnection with other arts-related paths inside SIGGRAPH. We will celebrate the Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art — several recipients have written influential papers in their fields, and it will be inspiring to build upon these publications with new ideas. Art Papers will also integrate with the Art Gallery — participants in the Art Papers track can be included in the Gallery, and we will host a joint session with Artist Presentations. Finally, in concert with Leonardo, we will investigate new possibilities for the publication and circulation of the Art Paper research.


LeonardoEach year Leonardo journal publishes groundbreaking artists exploring the outer limits of emerging technologies presented with SIGGRAPH Art Papers and Art Gallery. Leonardo/ISAST is a global think tank that integrates transdisciplinary inquiry and creative practice to solve compelling problems, explore timeless mysteries, and shape a more excellent future.

Andres Burbano Art Papers Chair
Universidad de los Andes

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