Take the time you need to be informed about COVID-19. Early bird registration values last until 29 May.

Welcome, SIGGRAPH 2020 Parents

SIGGRAPH 2020 offers high-quality children’s programming and services so both you and your children can enjoy the conference experience.

SIGGRAPH 2020 is partnering with KiddieCorp, now in its 34th year of providing childcare services to conventions, trade shows, and special events.

$10 per hour/per child

Full payment required when registering your child(ren).


Activities include exciting themes, arts and crafts, group games, music and movement, board games, story time, dramatic play, and more. We provide activities appropriate for each age group, using safe, sturdy equipment. At KiddieCorp’s program, children can make their own choices.


The KiddieCorp goal is to provide your children with a comfortable, safe, and happy experience. The staff-to-child ratios are high to ensure that every child feels special (1:2 for children ages 6 months–11 months old; 1:3 for children ages 1–2 years old; 1:5 for children ages 3–5 years old; 1:7 for children ages 6–12 years old). KiddieCorp team members are selected according to their integrity, experience, education, and enthusiasm. They must be wonderful with kids! The KiddieCorp team is bonded and carries ample liability insurance.


The program is for children ages 6 months–12 years old. The dates for the program are 19–23 July 2020, and services will be provided at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Service hours are as follows:

Sunday, 19 July, 8 am-8 pm
Monday, 20 July, 8 am-10 pm
Tuesday, 21 July, 8 am-8 pm
Wednesday, 22 July, 8 am-6 pm
Thursday, 23 July, 8 am-6 pm

Snacks and water will be provided, and meals need to be supplied by parents.


To register online in advance, visit the KiddieCorp website. The pre-registration deadline is 17 July 2020 at 12 pm, pacific time; after this date you will need to register on-site at the conference with KiddieCorp staff at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Room 151AB. Early registration is encouraged, as availability is limited and handled on a first-come, first-served basis. KiddieCorp must receive full payment, registration form, and your credit card information to hold reservations. Although every effort will be made to accommodate on-site registrations, there is no guarantee, and it is not recommended.

For more information, contact KiddieCorp by phone at +1.858.455.1718 or by email at info@kiddiecorp.com.