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Convince Your Boss You Need to Attend SIGGRAPH

For over 45 years, SIGGRAPH has been the place to explore innovative ideas, discover the most transformative industry advancements, make the connections you need to succeed, and find industry-wide inspiration. Here’s how you (and your employer!) can benefit by taking part in this year’s virtual conference.

Need help convincing your boss to help you attend SIGGRAPH? Make your case by showcasing the content and experience you’ll gain by joining us this summer!

Simply cut and paste the letter below.

You probably know about SIGGRAPH, the annual conference featuring the latest innovations in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The conference is in its 47th year, and it’s always at the cutting edge of the latest technology and advances in our field. Many of the courses, talks, papers, panels, demos, and exhibitions are directly related to our work, and the people who contribute to and attend SIGGRAPH are transforming the landscape of the industry.

I’m writing to request your approval for me to attend SIGGRAPH 2020 this summer. Here are some reasons:

  • SIGGRAPH is an invaluable investment of time and financial resources since there’s so much to see, do, and learn.
  • It’s being held virtually this year. That means no travel expenses, less time away from work, and quicker turnaround sharing the things I learn.
  • Registration fees are lower than an in-person SIGGRAPH.
  • Your investment in my registration extends beyond the end of the interactive portion of the virtual conference, since I’ll have access to hundreds of pieces of content until the on-demand conference closes on 27 October.

With your approval, I will be able to:

Learn: SIGGRAPH features hundreds of learning opportunities, including research presentations, courses, panels, sessions, and talks on topics ranging from practical applications of technology to theoretical suppositions on the future. I will learn from industry experts and be able to share these advancements with my colleagues.

Discover: The experiences and exhibition at SIGGRAPH provide an opportunity for exploration of what’s next in the industry. I am excited to discover the most transformative industry advancements and explore innovative ideas that I can apply to my daily work.

Connect: Thousands of professionals attend SIGGRAPH every year to share their knowledge, exchange ideas, and innovate in a collaborative atmosphere. The virtual conference is offering ways to connect virtually so that I can expand our professional network, share with others what we’re doing, and find inspiration through peer collaboration.

Approximate Cost of Attendance:

Virtual Conference Registration
Transportation: $0
Meals :$0
Flight: $0
Hotel: $0
Total cost to attend:

If approved to attend, I am happy to submit a summary of my learning and provide a review of the event to inform your decision on any future attendance by my colleagues.

Thank you for your consideration. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss or need additional clarification. I look forward to your reply.

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